Vals från Rundvik

Our family moved to northern Sweden in 2011, and a couple years later, I joined the Umeå Spelmanslag to play Swedish traditional folk music. I was very inspired by all the waltzes, polskas, schottisar (Scottish), polkas, and other dances, and one day I came up with my own little waltz. According to tradition, I named it simply after the village I resided in, which is called Rundvik.

This summer, Dr Yeagi Broadwell premiered the piece, which has the form of a string trio, at the Mountain Springs Chamber Music Festival Faculty recital in Orem, Utah. I was very pleased with how it turned out.

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I will take care of you

After I wrote the music drama “Elds-äpplet” or “The Fire-apple” in 2010, I had the chance to write something for trombone quartet. I decided to pick one of the songs from the music drama and rework it for this setting. The University of Maine Trombone Collective premiered the first movement in October 2011, and I was so pleased with the result, that I decided to write three more movements (which were also from other songs in the music drama), which were subsequently performed at the University of Maine, under the direction of Dr Dan Barrett, who leads the low brass studio there. Here is a recording of all four movements from the premiere in November 2011. It is available from Svensk Musik, both parts and score.

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Probably alright now

This is a piece for three trumpets, three tenor trombones, and bass trombone. It is based on a song from a music drama I wrote called “The Fire-apple”. It is somewhat of the initial crisis piece in the drama, also known as an inciting incident. It has three parts, Sick and gone, Must. Change. Soon, and Would be nice. The original is too wordy, so I like that I could distill it to nine words and have the music tell the story. It would be fun to work with a choreographer, because I think it would make a great dance!

The piece was premiered by The Maine Trombone Collective and trumpets from the University of Maine in October 2012, under the direction of Dr Dan Barrett.

Here is a recording.

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