Since I quit the violin after just one year, the first time, it took quite a while before I actually could play in an orchestra. I love the sound of a full orchestra, and I have written several pieces that I’m excited to share with you here.

The first time I felt compelled to write for full orchestra was when I was writing my opera “Jungfrun av Norden.” I no longer have the recordings of the initial readings, but here is the piece I wrote while a student at BYU, featuring Eric Hanson as a vocalist, and the BYU Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Eric Hansen (not the same person). It is the “Final scene” in the opera, intended to be the very end of the story. I think finishing the entire opera one day is a long term project, and I’d like to do it some time.

Kalevala Fantasy – Jungfrun av Norden

In 2022 I wrote my first symphony, which has four movements. Contact me if you’d like a score! I’d love to have an orchestra program it for a concert. I have Musescore 4 generated audio files as well.

I also have a piece for wind symphony, which has yet to be performed. Contact me if you’re interested in seeing a score or midi file.