I was about nine years old, and I heard violins on the radio. Nobody played violin in my family yet. I had to do it! So my parents let me start violin lessons. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very inspired to practice, and I quit after just one year.

At Södra Latins gymnasium, as a vocalist, I happened to make friends with a girl who played violin, and I learned a lot about how to write for one. She even encouraged me to start the viola! But I didn’t start playing until 2010, ten years after graduating from Södra Latin. I love string instruments, and they are so versatile.

At Södra Latin in 2001, I found a collaboration with Erik Hamrefors, a cellist. We made a collection of improvisations/songs, which we recorded. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jorden är så full av färg
Nog nattluft i mitt rum
The bench – lyrics by Erik Hamrefors
Vi flyger

In my capstone project, I included a violin and a cello, along with two clarinets, as the ensemble to accompany the five singers. (Starts at about 0:36, they had to tune first).

Stone Waltz, featuring Adam Daveline on vocals, Sara Black on violin, Kayson Brown on cello, Dane Skabeland on E-flat clarinet, Bryn Huntington on clarinet/bass clarinet

When I was a student at BYU, we had the fantastic opportunity to write a piece for the New York New Music ensemble (flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion), and they came and played it. I loved the challenge, and decided on a set of miniatures. There are seven miniatures, and six interludes, each featuring one soloist. This is the recording from my senior recital, featuring my fellow students.

Seven miniatures

At one point I decided to write a sonata for unaccompanied viola, for Carrie Maxwell, now Castleton. She also played this at the senior recital.

Sonata for viola solo 1
Sonata for viola solo 2
Sonata for viola solo 3

I mentioned my music drama “Eldsäpplet/The Fire-apple” on the Brass page, but I adapted one of the pieces for string quintet as well. That piece has yet to have its premiere performance. Let me know if you’re interested in it! It has 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos, and I call it “A cold wind.”

Some of my songs are written for soprano(-s) and violin. I owe much of my appreciation for the violin for rubbing shoulders with Dr. Yeagi Kim Broadwell, at BYU, when we were both undergraduates. She has such a beautiful tone and fantastic technique. Dr. Margot Glassett Murdoch, who was pursuing her masters of composition at BYU when I was there, inspired me to complete my degree. She joined me in the duet “Älskade dotter Älskade Mamma”, a song I wrote inspired by my daughter, in the premiere in August 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Älskade Dotter Älskade Mamma

A few years ago, she asked if I had written anything that she could play for a recital, and I happened to have written a waltz for string trio, which hadn’t been performed publicly until she premiered it at Mountain Springs Music Festival Faculty Recital, in Orem, Utah, July 2018. I had simply called it Vals Från Rundvik, since that is the little village I had lived in when I wrote it, in the style of Västerbotten folk music. The performers were Yeagi Kim Broadwell, Rachel Bower Karr, and Gregory Williams.

Vals Från Rundvik

In 2021, I was contacted by Dr. Diana Golden, who commissioned me to write a piece for solo cello. The recording of this piece (October 23, 2023) is available here. It was premiered in September 2023, and she has performed it several times.