Vocal music

Obviously, as a singer, I love writing songs. I have put up a lot of my vocal music in other sections, as I feel that they are music with brass, or with strings, or with orchestra. Please feel free to explore!

I have also written music that is primarily voices, either for a cappella choir, or with piano. That is the music I categorize as vocal.

I wrote a Magnifikat, also called Marias lovs√•ng. I have only heard the beginning of this piece played by trombone choir, and I love the sound of it with trombones. One day, I’d love to have it performed by a choir that sings it in Swedish! Let me know if you’re interested.

I love writing arrangements or original songs/hymns, and a recent SATB with piano composition is called Then and Now, which I wrote with the lyrics by Gayle Sandberg. A few friends and I sang this for the first time publicly in a worship service on July 17, 2022. Let me know if you want to perform it too!