Monthly Archives: September 2022

Composing every day

I have been working on my first symphony since April. The first movement took about a month to complete. The second went a little bit faster, and I felt so pumped. I started working on the third movement, and I decided to go for a faster tempo, it being subtitled Un-even dance. With the faster tempo, I can fit a lot more notes in! It took about three months to finish. (I also wrote a song for SSA, viola, and piano during that time).

I showed my finished draft to my friend yesterday, and I decided to make a couple of changes after that. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I also played in a concert last night. One of the pieces was Mjölnir, by Lucas Garner. When I was listening to Tracy Furr playing as the soloist, I realized that I wanted to start off the fourth and concluding movement featuring the timpani. And I also was reflecting on how many notes the violins play in a concert. Thousands, probably. So I decided I wanted to add a lot more notes, to showcase how agile and lovely the violins can sound.

And so it goes on. One treasured comment from a friend, a musical experience, and a dedication to hit the computer even if I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do. I just start writing something, and one thing leads to another… and hopefully before too long the symphony will be completed.

Sacred music is up

I was walking with my friend this morning, and she casually mentioned that she kept all the music I had written for our ensembles at church in a binder, because it wasn’t available online. I respond here by putting up a sizeable chunk of my output of arranging church hymns. See the page called “Sacred music.”

I consider my service as a music coordinator in my local congregation as part of my worship. Therefore, I offer these pdf:s for anyone who would like to use my arrangements. If you want parts, let me know. If you need an adaptation for local needs, I am excited for that prospect, and will do it if time allows.

If you use my contact form to reach me and don’t hear back from me, try messaging me through LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. I’ve been trying to get the form to work, but I’m not sure messages come through as they should.