Sacred music

I grew up singing in choirs. Much of the music we performed was sacred. J.S. Bach, Handel, Haydn, W.A. Mozart, Fauré, and many others wrote breathtaking sacred music for the glory of God. These pieces helped me learn about the Savior, grew my faith, and introduced Latin to me.

I wrote my first sacred song as a young adult, and I have written numerous arrangements of hymns for a variety of constellations. I see this as part of my worship and part of my offer to God. I usually write for specific people in mind, which might explain some unusual groupings.

Here are some pdfs of pieces I have arranged. You can use these for your own worship services if you are interested. I am happy to share parts upon request as well. I would love to hear about your experiences with my music and arrangements! The original compositions can be found in other pages on this website, such as Vocal music (for vocal solos, groups, or choirs), or the appropriate instrumental page.

Last year, I wrote a new orchestration for an arrangement of Still, still, still. It was a heartbreaking time for our family as we buried our stillborn son just a couple of weeks before Christmas. I had written it for string ensemble and made some last minute changes to the instrumentation based on who was available to play. We ended up with three violins, viola, and two cellos, but the original has two violins, viola, and three cellos. I mention this because often in my experience, does an arrangement of a hymn call for instruments not available. So we adapt. If you like an arrangement I have written, but it’s not fitting your ensemble, it is usually a quick matter for me to adapt it to a different constellation (depending on the difference in instrumentation or voicing). Let me know if you would like my help with that.

I have divided up the music to general worship music and Christmas music.

General Worship music

As music coordinator in our church congregation, I often have ideas for certain people, whom I invite to sing or play in our worship service. Sometimes I offer to write something for them.

Here is Just one day, also known as Blott en dag, ett ögonblick i sänder. I remember hearing my primary teacher Göran Wern sing it in a worship service, when I was a child. This arrangement is for trombone quartet. I put this together for a friend. Sadly, I don’t have four trombone players in my congregation!

We have several very talented singers in our area, and I wrote this trio for some of them shortly after I was called to serve as music coordinator for our church congregation. Come unto Him is a hymn I had never heard before moving to the United States.

There was this violinist that was going to play a solo in church, and we looked at the theme for the meeting, and I put this simple arrangement together for her, also in 2019.

Our choir needed to put together a piece for ward conference (a local conference where leaders from the stake – a bigger area – visit and minister to the local congregation) in May 2022, and we were practicing I Need Thee Every Hour. Inside my head I heard this flute part, and I put it together for them to sing.

We had a couple of flute players that wanted to play a duet, so I put this together for them.

One of the cellists that played in our string ensemble requested On this day of joy and gladness for our next opportunity to play in church. So we did.

Christmas music

Christmas is a time for lots of music! I try to engage many of the wonderful musicians and singers in the annual Christmas program for our worship service. Here are some of the pieces I have arranged for them.

We happen to have several talented wind players in the area I currently live. I wrote this for them for our Christmas program 2021. The score is in C but parts in the transposing key are available upon request.

I love playing with a string ensemble. Every year is a little different, with people moving in and out, so we get a different constellation every time. This one is from 2020.

Jul, jul, strålande jul, is a favorite choir piece from Sweden. We sang it every year at Christmas, and I wanted my congregation to hear it hear too. This is a traditional string quartet, which we played the first time in 2019.

We played I heard the bells on Christmas day also in 2020. It was a year that needed much music to cheer our hearts.