I’m back online!

Some of you know that I used to have a website with my music on it. I wasn’t very active updating it for some time, and then we had an unfortunate event where it was all deleted. I continued to write music in the meantime, and it is my intention to get as much of my music as possible up on this website.

I started as a singer, but even as a young child, I started making up my own songs. As soon as I learned how to notate music, I wrote them down (probably third grade or so). I was so excited when we got a computer in 1998, and I got to try out some music notation software. It was so much faster to write with the computer to help me.

As my senior project in high school (Södra Latins gymnasium in Stockholm, Sweden), I endeavored to write an opera. It was thrilling. I envisioned my classmates and other students as the stars of my opera, and wrote out the entire libretto, based on Erik Lönnroth’s Swedish interpretation of the Finnish epic Kalevala. I wrote a few scenes based on this, and had some of the music read by the school orchestra.

I went to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, in 2002, and I found my tribe in music theory, composition, and improvisation. There were so many talented musicians around me, and I loved writing new things for them to play. Two of my highlights: a capstone project I authored, composed, and directed; The Exchange, and the Symphony Orchestra playing some original music I wrote.

In 2005, I decided I needed some insider orchestra experience. I picked up the clarinet, and played with a non-auditioned orchestra to get my feet wet. It was a lot of fun. I played for about a year, and then another adventure started – marriage and children.

The year was 2010. My eldest was about to turn 4, and we visited a music school. We decided to sign her up for Suzuki viola. As many of you may know, that means I got to learn to play as well! I LOVED playing the viola. Yes, it didn’t sound awesome in the beginning, and I know that my neighbors hated it, but I persisted anyways. I taught myself for about a decade, and took lessons from a few teachers, including Dr. Jeremy Starr, in 2020/2021. I still play, and I currently play with two community orchestras, the American Fork Symphony, and the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra.

I have written several pieces for trombones, trumpets, strings, voice and other settings since my time at BYU and the composition program.

I am currently open to working on new projects. Talk to me about what you’d like! Choral arrangements, new songs, chamber music, unusual combinations, orchestra, strings, wind, brass, percussion, scoring for film, music dramas, etc.

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