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Symphony audio files available now!

This time I tried to upload my audio files, it just worked. No problems whatsoever. I am excited to share them with you. I hope to get this my first symphony performed soon. For those new to my website, these are the audio files created by Joschija Oelkrug, my nephew who also is a composer, but works with Musescore 4. He was able to get a superior sound to what I had made with my software, and I am happy to have you listen to these in anticipation of a real recording. As always, contact me if you want to talk about performing my music!

First movement
Second movement – Romance
Third movement – Un-even Dance
Fourth movement – Finale

Audio files of my symphony

So for those who want to hear what a synthesized version of my symphony will sound like, here are some sound files. Let me know if your orchestra wants to play it!

As I’m still not sure whether the contact me form actually works, you can contact me over LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.

Symphony #1 First movement
Second movement – Romance
Third movement – Un-even dance
Fourth movement